How to Speed Up FrostWire Downloads

For new users, one of the most frustrating things about downloading files with FrostWire is often how slow it is. A search for a song or movie may return hundreds of results, but after queuing it for download, it may take hours or even days to complete. We will share several tips on how to speed up your FrostWire downloads in this post.

To speed up your downloads, you will want to examine the hosts that you are downloading from. After conducting a search, the FrostWire search results will have several columns. The most important for our purposes are the Quality, Bandwidth, and # (number) columns.

Quality indicates whether the host is behind a firewall and has free upload slots for you to use. Try to look for hosts with four stars. Avoid hosts that only have one or two stars. The more stars the better.

Bandwidth is self-explanatory. Look for hosts that have higher bandwidth since that will directly translate into faster downloads.

The number, or #, column tells you how many hosts are sharing the file you are downloading. A higher number means that you have a better chance of finding a host with a free upload slot and faster upload speed.

One of the main reasons that it can take days to finish downloading a file is that you are queued in a long line of downloaders from a particular host so the more hosts who are sharing the file the better the chances that you are able to wait in a shorter line. It is also possible that a host who you are connected to will disconnect from the FrostWire network so you will want to be able to find other hosts who can help you complete your download.

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