FrostWire for Android Mobile Smartphones

FrostWire is the first peer-to-peer application to be made available as a smartphone app. Users who have an Android-based phone like the HTC Evo or Motorola DROID will be able to download and install the FrostWire app from the Android Market for free.

After installing FrostWire for Android, users can share files with other Android users and also users of desktop versions of FrostWire. Like the regular version of FrostWire, searches are fast and simple, often finishing in under 30 seconds. Secure and private chat messaging has also been ported.

For users who are worried about sharing private files, FrostWire for Android makes it easy to select exactly which files they want to make available to other users on the FrostWire network. Auto-updating also ensures that the latest features and fixes are available to mobile users. To get started, just scan the QR code in this post or search the Android Market.

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