FrostWire Review

FrostWire started in 2004 as a fork of LimeWire after a music industry lawsuit led to rumors that copyrighted content would be blocked in future LimeWire releases. Since the LimeWire code was open source, some developers decided to create a completely free P2P file sharing program and called it FrostWire.

After six years of development, FrostWire has come a long way with support for not only the Gnutella P2P protocol, but also BitTorrent support. The first thing you will be asked when running FrostWire is which folders you want to share with other FrostWire users and where you would like downloaded files to go. You can optionally choose not to share any folders on your computer if you like, however. You are also asked to choose a chat nickname so you communicate in the FrostWire chat rooms.

FrostWire has five main tabs:

Search allows you to search for files by file type like torrent, video, audio, documents, programs, and images. You can also connect directly to another user’s computer if you know their IP address. A nifty feature of FrostWire also alerts you to new files that have been added since you last logged in.

Monitor shows the files you are downloading and uploading along with incoming searches that are being routed through your computer.

Connections shows the peers that you are connected to and the bandwidth that has been transferred.

Library is a list of all the files that you have downloaded with FrostWire. You can also play music from a playlist here.

Community Chat is where FrostWire users can unwind and talk about file sharing, movies, and anything else.

Overall, FrostWire is one of the neatest and most advanced P2P programs. It has one foot in the old days of Gnutella-based file sharing and one in the BitTorrent-powered world that dominates today. Download FrostWire today to experience the difference!

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