Is FrostWire Legal?

One of the most popular questions people have about FrostWire is whether it is legal to use or not. The answer is that FrostWire is perfectly legal to use. FrostWire users are able to search other users’ computers for files they want to download and can also share their own files with other users at the same time.

Many artists including musicians and filmmakers have teamed up with FrostWire to distribute their work because traditional channels are unwilling to. That way, millions of people worldwide are able to experience their work that they would otherwise be unable to. These are only a few of the legal ways that FrostWire is used every day to share files.

In addition, FrostWire is also used much like BitTorrent is to share Creative Commons-licensed works like ebooks, music, and art which are free to distribute by anyone as long as the original creator is credited with the work. FrostWire is one of the most valuable tools to freely share content on the Internet and with more users discovering it every day it is becoming more and more valuable.

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